I found my CEDAR form. Now What?

Technical help for navigating the CEDAR form is available under the "CEDAR Hints" section of this site. Reach out at any time with questions or for support at heal-support@datacommons.io

Providing team members access to a CEDAR form

  • One individual registers a study on the Platform, but multiple team members can collaborate on a form.
  • Each team member needs a CEDAR account.
    • To create an account, visit https://cedar.metadatacenter.org.
    • Click “Register” below the Password line.
    • In the next window, enter your first name, last name, a functional email address, and a password.
  • The registering member shares the study’s CEDAR form with other team members.
    • Click on the vertical three-dots to the right of the CEDAR Form in the CEDAR workspace and select "Share."

Expanding and collapsing form sections

  • CEDAR forms open in “expanded” format, with all metadata sections and fields visible.
  • Section headings are in green text, and metadata fields are in black.
  • Consider “collapsing” each section and expanding them individually, as needed, as you move through the form.


Best practices

  • Save often to ensure you do not lose any entered metadata.
    • To save, click “Save” on the bottom right of the form. Note that saving will not close the page or redirect you.
  • Complete all applicable sections of the form.
    • Most sections and fields will be applicable to all studies
    • Some sections or fields of the CEDAR form will not be applicable to all studies
      • For example:
        • If your study does not have a Study Translational Focus of "Treatment of a Condition", the Human Treatment Applicability section does not apply
        • Several fields in the Human Condition Applicability section only apply to studies focusing on a human pain condition or treatment of a human pain condition, and do not apply to studies focusing on a human opioid use condition or treatment of a human opioid use condition
      • Follow guidance provided on this site to decide if a form section or field does not apply to your study
        • Sections and fields that do not apply to all studies will be clearly marked and will provide guidance to help determine if it applies to your study
      • If a form section or field does not apply to your study, you can safely skip it
      • If you have questions about whether a section or field applies or does not apply to your study, please reach out to heal-support@datacommons.io
  • Complete the CEDAR form as soon as possible following notification of your HEAL award.
    • The CEDAR form has been calibrated to include only fields that appropriately knowledgeable study staff should know and be able to fill out as soon as HEAL funding has been awarded
    • There is no need to wait for data collection to start to fill out the CEDAR form
    • We highly encourage investigators or other study staff to provide this study-level metadata as soon as possible following notification of the award of HEAL funding for your study
    • While the form does not need to be completed in a single session (you can access your CEDAR form as many times as you want until the form is as complete as it can be) we do encourage starting and completing the form in a timely fashion
    • Some fields will need to be updated over time (e.g. data collection status will need to be updated from 'not started' to 'started' to finished over the life-cycle of the study)
      • Complete these fields to reflect current study status at time of filling out the CEDAR form
      • A mechanism for easily updating these items over the course of the study life-cycle will be provided


ALL entries into this form may be used for HEAL investigator outreach, to provide data sharing support and extend data collaboration invitations, AND by the NIH HEAL office to track progress.