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Reporting Repository Selection and Data Availability

Selecting a HEAL-compliant repository

There are several considerations when selecting the best repository for your data. We encourage you to review the Repository Selection Guide to view the HEAL-compliant repositories and their features and characteristics. HEAL investigators can get assistance with selecting a repository by contacting the HEAL Data Stewards.

How can I tell if my study shows a repository selection on the platform?

You can check the HEAL Data Platform to see if we have a data repository selection recorded for your study.

  • Click on the Discovery button, or go to
  • Search for your study (e.g., by project number, name, or PI)
  • Find your study in the search results. At the bottom of the study row, there may be multiple color-bordered boxes. If we have your repo selection on the platform, it will appear in one of these boxes (generally the first, but does not have to be). The red arrow below shows an example of a study that selected Dryad as their repository.

Screenshot of a study with Dryad listed as a HEAL-compliant repository.

My study doesn't show the repository I selected. How can I update that?

If you need to report the repository(ies) that you have selected, there are two options to do so:

  1. If you have not yet registered your study:

    You will have the option to indicate your repository selection when you register your study. You can follow the instructions here to register. If you have any trouble or questions, reach out to us at

  2. If you have already registered your study, or you have more than one repository selection:

    You can email us at to report your repository selection(s). In your email, please include the permalink to your study page on the platform.

To get the permalink to your study, you can do the following:

  • Click on the Discovery button, or go to
  • Search for your study (e.g., by project number, name, or PI)
  • Click on the study in the search results
  • In the window that opens with the study page details, there is a button in the upper right corner that says Permalink. Click the permalink button to copy the direct link to the study details page.

Reporting that data is now available

If you have deposited your data in a HEAL-compliant repository, we want to link to your data from the HEAL Data Platform. Please email us at to share your data link(s). In your email, please include the permalink to the platform study page (see above).