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Registering Your Study


You must request access before you can register your study.

Also, if you have not already done so, create an account with CEDAR (choose the "Register" option to quickly set up an account). You will need a CEDAR account to complete the registration process. Note that your CEDAR User UUID can be found at the top of your CEDAR profile page.


This video highlights the next step in registering your study on the HEAL Data Platform. Registration with the HEAL Platform is necessary for compliance with the HEAL Data Sharing Policy. Written instructions are below.

Upon receiving notification that you’ve been granted access to register your study, please proceed with the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Login to the HEAL Data Platform

Step 2: Find your study

From the Discovery Page, find the study you wish to register:

  • Click on the study to open the Study Page
  • At the top of the Study Page, select ‘Request Access to Register This Study’ to navigate to the Study Registration form.

Step 3: Complete the Study Registration form

  • The Study field will already be filled in
  • If known, a valid ID (NCT #) can be entered, which will enable the platform to pull some additional metadata related to the study.
  • If known, select the repository you have submitted data to, or intend to submit data to. This will help the Platform us and the repository to which you have submitted or will be submitting your data to anticipate and plan accordingly.
  • If your repository is not listed, please contact us with those details.
  • Enter the unique ID for your study within the repository.
  • Submit your registration.
  • After you successfully register your study, the study will disappear from the HEAL Data Platform for about 24 hours while we sync the study record with the new CEDAR form. You do not need to do anything for it to reappear.

Alternate steps to register a study:

  • Login to the Study Registration form
  • Choose the study you wish to register from the Study dropdown. Only those studies you have been approved to register will be displayed in the dropdown.
  • Complete the form as noted above and submit.

Next Steps: Fill out your CEDAR form

The act of submitting the study registration form will result in the creation of a metadata input form within your CEDAR account:

  • Find the form for your study under the 'Shared with Me' folder on CEDAR (accessible in the left-hand navigation).
  • When you enter additional data into the CEDAR form, be sure to SAVE your changes by scrolling to the bottom of the form.
  • The HEAL Data Platform will pull entries from the CEDAR templates into the Platform to enhance search capabilities and provide increasingly robust study details.
  • An overview of completing the CEDAR metadata form can be found here.