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Requesting Access


This video highlights the first step of registering your study on the HEAL Data Platform. Registration with the HEAL Platform is necessary for compliance with the HEAL Data Sharing Policy. Written instructions are below.

Step 1: Login to the HEAL Data Platform

Step 2: Find your study

From the Discovery Page, find the study you wish to request access to register. (If you cannot find your study, contact us at

  • Click on the study to open the Study Page
  • At the top of the Study Page, select Request Access to Register This Study to navigate to the Study Registration Access Request form.

In cases where a study is represented by multiple records on the HEAL Data Platform but data and/or other digital artifacts will only be shared collectively (e.g., through a DCC or in the case of a study that has records from multiple years of funding and/or supplements but will be sharing data only through the parent award), it's likely not necessary that each grant be represented and registered as a stand-alone record on the Platform. If you would like to discuss the representation of your awards on the HEAL Data Platform, please contact us at

Step 3: Complete the Study Registration Access Request Form

  • The field Study Name - Grant Number will already be filled in.
  • You will need to provide your name, your email address, institutional affiliation and role on the project/study.

After submitting, you will receive an email indicating the status of your request within one business day. When approved, you will then be able to register your study.